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Let's rebuild the destroyed houses together!


"Our foundation aims to provide families affected by the war in Ukraine with safe housing and rebuild their homes. Our mission is to organize and support the construction of quality, sustainable and affordable living spaces to enable families to return to normal life. We working with partners, communities and donors to provide the necessary resources and support to help rebuild housing for affected families, our mission is to provide not only physical housing but also support in rebuilding psychological well-being and stability so families can feel like themselves again safe and secure in their own homes."

photo of Moschun, Kyiv region.
An outpost on the enemy's way to Kyiv. 
Officially, 2,000 buildings were destroyed in the village of Moschun.

Our Foundation signed a Memorandum with the Head of Moschun village on assistance in rebuilding destroyed houses.

                                  Who do we cooperate with?

With international Charitable Organizations and Foundations

With Ukrainian diasporas in foreign countries

With Territorial Communities in the de-occupied and affected territories of Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Kherson regions.

With entrepreneurs and citizens

Internally displaced persons

Our team


Our team of like-minded individuals is united with the goal of helping our compatriots who are returning (or have already returned) to their homeland.

The Charitable Foundation "AID for the Reconstruction of Destroyed Buildings in Ukraine" has set as its mission the protection of one of the fundamental social rights of human beings - the right to housing!

Our foundation collects funds from all around the world to help people in local communities in small villages, towns, and cities in Ukraine that have suffered from the cruel aggression of Russia, to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure: rural primary healthcare centers, damaged schools, kindergartens, and ruined houses of our compatriots who are currently living in dreadful conditions in the liberated territories!

Currently, our government, president, and almost all our people, as well as charitable organizations and volunteers, are focused on providing comprehensive assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

We understand that this is a top priority task, but civilian people in the liberated territories have been living without basic human conditions for over a year now.

We have developed a pilot project to provide assistance in rebuilding the destroyed homes of our compatriots and infrastructure facilities, which with the support of local communities and residents of these settlements, we will strive with all our might to implement in order to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure and citizens' houses.

Our project has a series of actions aimed at clear implementation, namely - at the request of community residents, we have developed three types of affordable housing projects, made calculations based on volunteer principles from project cost estimates, the quantity of necessary materials for the restoration of citizens' homes, infrastructure building repairs, and construction of new ones, according to the registry of damages and destruction maintained by the Territorial Communities and local Military Administrations.

Funds from charitable founders, investors, and our compatriots, through the Foundation, will be allocated for the reconstruction of housing and destroyed general practice family medicine clinics and primary healthcare facilities in the Sumy, Chernihiv, Kyiv, and Kherson regions. Thanks to this, over 15,000 adults and children in these Territorial Communities will have the opportunity to receive primary medical care and urgent medical assistance locally, without having to travel 45-60 km to district centers.

Dear philanthropists, thanks to your help, together we will provide an opportunity for our citizens - compatriots to return with their children to their homes, and this, in turn, will help us defeat the enemy and improve the lives of our people!

Yours faithfully,

Director of the Bugaі Foundation, S.I.

How to help?

Anyone who wants to help our compatriots in small towns and villages of Ukraine in the reconstruction of destroyed rural Primary Medical Care Outpatient Clinics and citizens' homes and to bring Victory in this war with the Russian aggressor closer can do it! Everyone can participate in our victory by transferring funds to the account of the Charitable Organization "Charitable Fund "Fund for the Reconstruction of Destroyed Buildings in Ukraine". Purpose of payment: Charitable contribution.
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