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A long way begins with the first step

I created a charitable foundation, having considerable experience in the organization of construction processes, which, in my opinion, can be useful for Ukraine. For me, a charitable foundation is, first of all, trust. Therefore, I would like to share recommendations from my colleagues who kindly agreed, despite their busyness, to provide their contacts and confirm that I have lived for 65 years and as a person I deserve this trust. I am sincerely grateful to you, my dear colleagues, for your support!

Sincerely, Serhiy Bugai.


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation in support of your charitable foundation, in your person, which is engaged in comprehensive assistance to our compatriots and the reconstruction of destroyed buildings.
I want to express my full support and recommend Bugai Serhiy, who showed outstanding leadership qualities and executive talent during our joint
works on the construction of the MV Cargo grain terminal in the port of Yuzhny.
I, Ihor Matviev, am the Project Manager for the construction of a grain terminal in Yuzhny port. ( MV CARGO – NEPTUN ) During our joint work, Serhiy Bugai proved to be an excellent professional capable of clear organization
construction in limited financial resources and in a short time frame. Serhii Bugai was responsible for the construction of two sections of the Grain Terminal for transshipment of grain, with a total capacity of 790 cars per day.
He demonstrated impressive organizational skills, ensuring timely  project completion with high quality. Under the leadership of Serhiy Bugai, six electrical distribution substations were also successfully designed and built, which added efficiency and reliability to our terminal.
As for the representation of the company he headed at the time, Serhiy Bugai appeared
an active and responsible manager. He attended the meeting with the president
Poroshenko and the owners of Cargo International together with me and other 9 representatives and participants of the project. His participation and high professionalism made it possible to build industrial facilities on time
areas entrusted to him. In general, Serhiy Bugai showed himself as an excellent manager, able to clearly organize the construction in a limited and tight time frame. His contribution to success
the implementation of the project on the construction of the Cargo International grain terminal in the port of Yuzhnii in the Odesa region is unsurpassed.
Sincerely, Ihor Matviyev +3806744713 96

Dear Mr. Bugai
My name is Tsapar Stepan, as you know, I am currently working and am the director
Department of capital construction of the industrial park
"Mostysky dry port", created on the basis of public-private partnership
Partnership (PPP) will be a large logistics hub for offloading -
Transshipment and storage of goods from Asian countries to European Union countries.
I have to say frankly that we really miss your presence in this project.
It is my pleasure to write this letter to personally testify and advise you on how to do this
manager and your fund, since you are a responsible and reliable partner,
which successfully carries out technical and design supervision of the construction
works and knows all the intricacies of the construction business.
For 20 years of our joint work on the construction of various
You have demonstrated impressive organizational skills and high quality at the sites
Professionalism. Your ability to effectively manage projects and
Timely completion of all tasks was second to none. you
always adheres to the highest quality standards, managed with confidence
A working team and ensured interaction between all parties
from the project.
You showed an example of your work on the construction of the REDISSON hotel
in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of the project. your ability
Search and implementation of optimal solutions in situations with large
The technical challenges were very impressive. Thanks to your experience and
With great attention to detail, the project was successfully completed and became a reality
I also noticed your excellent communication skills
ensures effective communication with all project participants. they always are
were open to cooperation, ready to listen and make decisions, and I emphasize wearing them
personal responsibility.
I wish you success in the work of your foundation.
Sincerely, Tsapar Stepan +380 67 556 67 57
I, Nemtsev Andriy, founder - beneficiary and director of LLC "FAVOR" in Sumy
Ukraine, I am writing this letter to once again express my gratitude and share
impressions of cooperation with you. I am sincerely grateful to you personally for that great contribution,
which you have done in building the capacities of our enterprise.
Under the leadership of Serhii Bugai, our cooperation has been successful for 4 years
two production shops with an area of 5,000 square meters according to European standards were built
standards (according to the ISOO Quality System), which turned out to be excellent production
premises for our company. In addition, he effectively managed the construction project
class "B" warehouse with an area of 3,000 square meters, which became
irreplaceable for storing finished products and fuel and lubricants and others
industrial goods produced by our enterprise.
Serhii Bugai demonstrated his professionalism, attention to detail and ability
effectively manage construction. His ability to consider our needs and deliver
the project in accordance with the established deadlines and European quality standards were very
impressive We are completely satisfied with the quality and results of his work.
I confidently recommend Bugai Serhiy as a responsible and experienced specialist,
able to successfully manage construction projects of various complexity. Its professional
approach and ability to achieve results exceed our expectations.
I am sincerely grateful to you Sergey for your contribution to the achievements of the "FAVOR" Company
Sincerely, Andriy Nemtsev + 380 50 327 43 73
Dear Mr. Bugai,
I, Genadiy Tarasov, director and beneficiary of the company Private Enterprise "LARIS", am writing this letter with great pleasure to recommend you, Serhiy Bugai, as an outstanding professional in the field of construction and reconstruction of industrial facilities. Under the leadership of Serhii Bugai, our company successfully completed the reconstruction and construction of new industrial premises with a total area of 3,000 square meters. His expertise and professionalism proved invaluable to our project and provided us with the industrial capacity to expand production. Bugai Serhii demonstrated excellent technical knowledge, ability to plan and manage works, as well as attention to detail. I would especially like to note the construction of a service station for large-sized cars for 6 posts for our company. Serhiy Bugai turned out to be a responsible and talented manager, able to effectively cope with the challenges associated with the specifics of this project. His professionalism and ability to achieve high quality and fast deadlines in his work was amazing. Based on many years of experience working with Serhiy, I recommend Bugai Serhiy with full conviction and confidence as a professional in the field of design, construction and reconstruction of industrial premises. He proved to be a reliable and experienced professional capable of achieving impressive results in any project.
Sincerely, Genadiy Tarasov +380 67 430 88 90
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